Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interior Glances

"When you are physically or mentally occupied, while fulfilling the duties of your state in life, renew as far as possible, again and again, your 'yes' to the will of God.  Cast frequent interior glances on the divine goodness."      St.Francis de Sales

Jules Breton painting in US public domain 


  1. Nancy,

    When I am physically occupied I do try to "cast frequent interior glances on the divine goodness." But when I am mentally occupied... I fail miserably. I get so caught up with whatever I am working on, I don't give a glance to anything, let alone God.

    Short quotes can result in so much reflection.

    I love the painting. It looks a very tranquil scene. I wonder if we look too romantically upon such scenes. Would those workers have had harder lives than we imagine?

    1. Sue, I am the exact same way. During mental occupations, I cannot POSSIBLY "split my thoughts" enough to cast interior glances! So I allow pre-"thinking" morning prayer to be my "direction of intention," where I give all I am GOING to do (and think!) to God in advance.

      O yes, surely this sort of painting is greatly romanticized. Imagine the backbreaking labor of the woman - I shudder to think of it. But I was looking for a scene that was, well.... pretty; and I'm sure the reality fell short of that!!

      I know exactly where my interior glances would be. Dare I admit it? I'd be wishing it were not so doggone hot and I would be inwardly grumbling about my achin' back and sore knees. Now you know the Awful Truth! But maybe I'd pray for grace to offer up the pains. Now THAT is a good dream, at least...

      Thanks, Sue!

  2. Great painting and quote, Nancy! I'm smiling at your comment to Sue - I'd probably be grumbling about the heat and stuff too :) (And the women in those days REALLY fried because of all the clothing they wore!)

    1. Maybe the artist was doing a good deed :), painting this workscene in such cool colors with soft light. Wonder if seeing it made anyone having to endure this feel better? Although I wonder, too, how often workers got to actually view such paintings. You can see that you and Sue have really gotten me pondering.....

      Thank you, Mary!