Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Joy Shadowed Forth

"A child is a pledge of immortality, for he bears upon him in figure those high and eternal excellences in which the joy of heaven consists, and which would not thus be shadowed forth by the all-gracious Creator, were they not one day to be realized."     John Henry Cardinal Newman  

Painting: Karl Witkowski, Happy Days, 1909 


  1. Nancy,

    I love the quote of Bl John Henry Cardinal Newman's about being a link in a chain. Do you know the one I mean? I often think it applies very well to bloggers who are connected around the world, all working together. I've not heard the quote in this post before, though I have some of Cardinal Newman's writings. I will have to read them!

    Bl John Henry Newman is the patron of an apostolate Andy and I help out with. Cardinal Newman Faith Resources provides catechesis information and books here in Australia.

    I seem to remember he has an interesting story. I know he converted from Anglicanism. Did he face a lot of opposition? I will have to read more!

    The picture is very appealing!

    1. I'd like to read much more from Blessed John Newman also. I don't recall his words about being a link in a chain, but I do remember a Protestant preacher speaking of links some 30 years ago. He asked "are you willing to be a link in the chain to someone's salvation... or do you need to be the whole chain?" He was making a point about our sometimes saying something about God to a person, and then someone else coming along and linking up a word or action to that, and then perhaps a book or Bible verse being read, and on and on. Maybe it was a thought he got from Newman? :) ?

      Thank you, Sue. I liked that picture too!

  2. I love the hope in this quote and the reminder of the love of our "all-gracious Creator," Thank you Nancy for the beautiful image and variety of light!