Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Evangelization 101

'Who has ever seen people persuaded to love God by harshness?'

St. John of the Cross

Painting of Elisabeth of Hungary 


  1. What a beautiful painting! And the words....beautiful and fitting to go with the scene.

  2. That is a stunning painting. The natural posture of the woman holding the baby is incredible. The whole thing is incredible, except, oddly enough, St. Elizabeth. She looks unreal--that must be intentional!

    1. Interesting. Just after posting this, I noticed how real the beggar right in front of St. Elizabeth looks... the coloring and detail of her face and her kerchief and cloak. It didn't hit me consciously until reading your comment that St. Elizabeth is like she's almost in another dimension! Looking at it now, I think what grabbed me about the look of the beggar is the contrast between her and the porcelain-skinned saint. I think you must be right that this is intentional!