Sunday, July 21, 2013

Unmannerly Distractions

'Ah, dearest Lord! 
I cannot pray,
my fancy is not free;
distractions come,
and force 
my thoughts from Thee. 

'The world 
that looks so dull all day
glows bright
on me at prayer,
and plans that 
ask no thought but then
wake up 
and meet me there.'

F. Faber, Distractions in Prayer

William Waterhouse painting
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  1. And don't they wake up! So very often a struggle to quell their unruliness...Love the painting...mmmm what is in that beautiful box?

  2. Never made it through a consecration once without being distracted. In fact, the bells wake me up! Then they wake me up again! It's a running joke I have with myself.

  3. Thank you (all). It seems that almost everyone struggles with distractions... which gives me hope!

  4. I'm glad I'm not alone.... And I definitely agree with what you said, Nancy, about that giving hope. And with what Jamie said... not always, but way too often.