Friday, January 23, 2015

Lest Through Weariness, I Should Not Wish to Seek You

                      'O Lord, my God, my only hope, hear me,
                        lest through weariness I should not wish to seek You... 

                        Give me the strength to seek, You Who have caused me to find You,
                        and have given me the hope of finding You more and more.'
                                                                             St. Augustine

                               Painting: John Singer Sargent, Repose, in US public domain due to age


  1. I love St Augustine!! And my son's Confirmation saint! This is good to read because how many times, out of fatigue and weariness of heart, we remiss to seek him out. He is our strength and hope. The fabrics in the painting are stunning. The brush strokes gorgeous. Such beauty...God Bless

    1. Thank you. I loved finding this painting, which I actually did some months ago. Her expression seemed so right with the quote, and I can almost hear the satiny rustle of her skirts. :)

  2. I often fail to seek him out. And I love this painting! This is how I picture myself when worn down.