Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Where Have all the Stories Gone?

I have been asked, on several occasions, where this blog's "stories" have gone. I used to write them frequently, oh yes I did. True and Amazing accounts of mailing letters in my mother's breadbox, of blatantly disobeying on my first day of school, of blue velvet ribbons on purple cake. I even wrote about my earliest romantic adventures (...what? You say you missed that one...?) and I've shared a number of serious, prayerful reflections along the way. 

I still "write,"and much of that can be found at my other blog, The Cloistered Heart. And I hope to continue rambling over here also, from time to time. However, nothing matches what the saints have said over the centuries. And certainly no words come close to those of Sacred Scripture. What incredible treasures we have in these!

As for me, I'm a personal fan of not-too-lengthy blog posts. I like finding a nugget, a thought, a few words of inspiration to send me on my way.  From what some of you have told me, you do as well. It is my hope that Breadbox Letters can continue sharing little bits of saints' wisdom as we go through our (often hectic) days.

But for those who wondered where all the stories went, I've gathered links on a stand-alone page, with little snippets and thumbnails of each, so we can find what's what. I will continue linking things I run across in our archives.

Thanks for being here (do I thank you enough? Nope - I couldn't possibly!). It's SO GOOD to know we're on this Homeward journey together! I thank God for you daily - I absolutely do. 

Along the way, if you should want to find longer reflections - or occasional touches of silliness - our new Stories page can be found just under the blog header.  Or, of course, by clicking here.

May God bless us, every one.    

Sebastian Stoskopff painting, digitally altered


  1. Thanks for the new "stories" page, Nancy..you know we all love them! xx

  2. Nancy,

    A stories page? Wonderful! I really hope you're going to write more stories on your 'It's Only Write' blog. I do love reading them. I can't say, "Wonderful" again. But I will. (Because sometimes the right words don't arrive.) Wonderful stories!

    1. Sue, it was your blog(s) that first gave me the idea of gathering things together in find-able forms. So thank YOU! As you know by now, I love your stories. Sometimes I pop over when I have time to read a bit longer (did you know that, wink wink?), and always I find a lift and often out-and-out laughs.

      "It's Only Write" is where most of my own stories are,actually, and where I let more of my "absolute insanity" pop out :). But since it's a "hobby blog," I tend to give less time to it. If anyone is just DYING to read more purple-cake-and-peatzah-rambles, however, just click on my name with this comment and then on It's Only Write. Eiknarf is still pretty popular over there, because he will NEVER (I guaranteed it) leave the bus. And thanks, Sue, for remembering that little blog. If I know you might be reading, I might even write on it again soon!

  3. Glad you're back, Colleen! As we well know, there are "seasons" in all our lives, for as many reasons as there are people! The main reason I like putting together shorter posts is that a lot of us don't have time for lots of blog reading... and there are so many good things to give our attention to if we DO have time. "Snippets" are helpful to me, and I hope to others as well. And sometimes snippets lead us to delving, ourselves, into the works of various saints.

  4. Wonderful Nancy! Love it!! So thankful for your writing and company along the way...God Bless your new page....

    1. Thank you. I'm so thankful for YOUR writing (oh my, yes) and your company along the way. Thanks be to God.