Tuesday, January 27, 2015

One of the Glories

'One of the glories 
of Scripture 
is that it can embrace many
meanings in a single passage.'

St. Thomas Aquinas

Painting: Georges de la tour


  1. Yes!!! The poetry in scripture is amazing as the sacred Word cannot be anything less than deep and layered with truth and meaning.and beauty. Thanks be to God!!! Love the composition of the hand and bible. What a detailed painting!! And then that blue.....Love St Thomas Aquinas..Happy Belated Feast Day....

    1. When I first began reading Scripture, (thankfully) many years ago, I wondered if I would "tire" of it - as one would tire of reading the same novel over and over again. Exactly the opposite! God meets me year after year, in the same words, FOR the precise times and situations I am in. Isn't magnificent?!

      I love the painting too. It's obviously a detail, but I haven't had time to look up the original (I found this on Wikimedia). I love Georges de la Tour, especially the way he paints LIGHT in many of his works.

    2. Absolutely! It is so amazing God meets us right where we are in the moment. Be here now. And yes, the light is gorgeous... Thank you Nancy.