Monday, March 9, 2015

How to Unite Your Will to God's Today

"During the activities of the day, spiritual as well as temporal, as often as you can ... unite your will to God’s ...
Do this either by a simple, loving glance at God, or by a few words spoken quietly and cast into His Heart; by assenting in words like:

‘Yes, Lord, I want to do this action because You want it,’ or simply, ‘Yes, Father,’ or ‘O Holy Will, live and rule in me,’ or other words that the Holy Spirit will suggest to you. You may also make a simple sign of a cross over your heart, or kiss the cross you are wearing. All this will show that above everything, you want to do the holy will of God and seek nothing but his glory in all that you do..." 

St. Jane de Chantal                                                                                      

Painting: William Merritt Chase, Wash Day, 1886


  1. Thank you for all the lovely reminders you post Nancy.

  2. A very long time ago, when I lived up in Springfield, IL, a sweet middle-aged woman from church (at a Bible study) suggested this to me when I was in the midst of having 4 under 6. It was some of the best advice. Thank God for the saints, our friends!

    1. Sounds like a wise woman, Patty. And I join you in thanking God for our friends the saints!