Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When Our Souls are Full of Spiritual Joy

'There is this difference, dearly beloved brethren, between spiritual and earthly pleasures. So long as we do not yet enjoy them, earthly pleasures are greatly desired; but when they are partaken to the full, our liking for them soon begins to pall. 

'Spiritual joys, on the other hand, are a matter of indifference to us when we do not possess them, but once we begin to experience them, we desire them.... When our souls are full of spiritual joy we long for more, since by tasting it we learn to desire it more eagerly. We cannot love what we do not possess, because we do not know its savor.'

St. Gregory the Great 

Painting: De Keyser, St. Margaretha


  1. Nancy, what an excellent quote! A great truth so succinctly put! Love our Saints!
    Have a most blessed Holy Week, dear friend <3

    1. Isn't God good to let us have words of the saints to encourage and challenge us on our way?!

  2. What a great reminder and as Patricia says "a great truth so succinctly put!" God Bless...