Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All as Loss


  1. Thank you! I so needed this verse as it relates so much to my life right now.

  2. I was in sadness yesterday over an issue with someone. As the hours went by, that sadness deepened. When I first saw the verse above, it didn't make much of an 'impact', and I was about to move on, when something, someone perhaps, firmly took me back to it.

    And that was when the reason for my pain suddenly became clear to me: I had just days before, put my hand into God's in a way I never have before. It has always been said that when you open your heart to God, you will see with new eyes. That was what happened. My spirit was forced to confront what I had always tried to overlook and make excuses for in my friend. I was now forced to 'lose my willful blindness' in the Light of God.
    This loss was a sort of unmasking, and that pain is never easy to take, but it was a necessary pain, a rite of passage for me.

    That interpretation of Phil 3:8 might differ from the conventional one, but the moment God spoke to me through it, I realized that whatever the loss in that relationship, I had now chosen God over the comfort of ignorance.

    And at that very minute, the sadness that had been so great for much of the day, dissipated like mist.

    1. I am continually in awe at how personal scripture becomes for each of us, when God speaks His word right into our hearts for "right now." Thanks be to God, and thank you so very much for sharing what our gracious Lord has done.