Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Be to Him a Field

'Go forward then, full of faith and loving confidence, and deliver yourself into the hands of His providence.  Be to Him a field that He may cultivate as He pleases, without any resistance on your part.  Remain humbly and peacefully clinging to His good pleasure.'

St. Margaret Mary

Painting:  Charles Courtney Curran, Betty Newell. In US public domain due to age

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  1. St. Margaret Mary is one of my favorite saints. Love this quote! Happy Feast Day Nancy!

  2. St. Margaret Mary is one of my favorites too, Anne - and happy feast day to you as well! It is quite a month of saints, isn't it?!?!?

  3. I make such a bad field! I can't just lay there and let Him dig the furrows and sow the seeds. I'm always jumping up, and clinging to my own things, my own plans, and my "rights".

  4. Nancy, Good advice from another of my favorite saints. I do need to try to be a more non-resistant field. Growth is always better when the field yields to the Farmer.

  5. Gosh! Many times I utterly lack the confidence on my presentation recalling all the weeds that I find in my field. But I continue to pull them out, one by one. Beautiful quote :)

    1. Thank you, everyone! Between a birthday celebration and then an allergy attack (getting better now), I am late to this conversation. I'm a bad field myself; if a field could run, I would have done so more times than I'd care to admit. Which is probably why this quote really struck me! Again, thanks so much.