Monday, October 7, 2013

That Thorns Remain

                            'I thank Thee (Lord) that all our joy
                            is touched with pain;
                            That shadows fall on brightest hours;
                            that thorns remain:
                            so that earth's bliss may be our guide,
                            and not our chain.

                            For Thou Who knowest, Lord, how soon
                            our weak heart clings,
                            hast given joys, tender and true,
                            yet all with wings.
                            So that we see, gleaming on high,
                            Diviner things.

                            I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou has kept
                            the best in store;
                            we have enough, yet not too much
                            to long for more:
                            A yearning for a deeper peace,
                            not known before.

                            I thank Thee, Lord, that here our souls,
                            though amply blest,
                            can never find, although they seek,
                            a perfect rest -
                            nor ever shall, until they lean
                            on Jesus' breast.'

(from Sheltering the Divine Outcast, compiled by A Religious, The Peter Reilly Co, Philadelphia, 1952, pp. 181-182)

                                     Painting: Swallow, John Everett Millais

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  1. Wow! Doesn't that just say it all? It's so true, isn't it? The sun always sets. Yet, our hearts yearn for that unending day of joy. Beautiful! And so is the always! Isn't this from that book available as a reprint...discussed in the parlor? I think it was a bit pricey, but if certainly sounds worth it. Our hearts will ever be restless until they rest in Him.

  2. Thank you, Patricia! This is by the same author of the book now available as a reprint, but as far as I know this particular volume is not reprinted anywhere. So I am trying to store up every word, for in a week I must return the book to the woman who loaned it to me. I did get a reprint of "In Love with the Divine Outcast." which is a larger volume than this one, and even larger still in print-size. The reprint was around 30 dollars including postage, but worth every penny! I'm obviously not reading that one at all just now, as I want to spend every reading-moment with "Sheltering the Divine Outcast" this week!

  3. Nancy,

    Oh yes! If every joy was perfect, why would we look beyond our earthly existence?

    Could you photocopy the book before you have to return it? I did this with an old book called "Treading the Winepress of Christ in His Passion." I couldn't find a copy of the book. It's out of print. Such a good book, I really wanted to be able to return to it again and again, so thought photocopying was justified.

    1. I could, Sue, but not without harming the delicate binding of the original. Which I don't want to do because this little hardcover belongs to someone else, and it's already a bit "fragile." I handle it with care! I too, think photocopying is justified in such instances, when books are out of print .. it's not like it would be sold, and the original publishes gets nothing from the resales of these volumes as they're sold and re-sold used.

      This is the smallest I've had of this writer's titles, but there is so much richness in it. I might copy a lot of it by just typing it out.

      Thanks Sue!

  4. She looks like I've been feeling lately. Surrounded by everything that "should" make her happy, but just not at peace. (Prayers would be appreciated, by the way. I'm not going into more detail in a combox though, even this one, just because it's so very public.)

    1. Christina Therese, I think you're wise not to go into any details in a combox, anywhere. God knows details, anyway, and I will begin prayer to Him for you right this minute.

  5. So much peace in surrendering isn't there. There is so much beauty and joy here on earth; so much heaven crammed in but it always perishes or falls away in the constant ebb and flow. Can't imagine the day beauty and love is out of time, eternal and glorified in His presence. Thank you for your post today!! Love it....And that dress!!! Wow...can't imagine cleaning it....

    1. Thanks so much. Ah yes, that dress! Imagine the cleaning, the ironing; and you'd surely need someone else to "button you in!"