Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In This Chilly Place

It is one thing to quote the saints.  To read about them, to marvel at their holiness, to celebrate their feasts and post their pictures and even to love them.  

And then there is this:

'The earth has become a chilly place.  It is up to us to rekindle the flame of human warmth which is going out.  It is up to us to recommence the great work of regeneration even if it means another era of martyrs.  Can we remain passive in the midst of a world that is suffering and groaning?

'As for us, my dear friend, are we going to make no attempt to be like those saints whom we love?'

Blessed Federic Ozanam

Painting:  Giovanni Battista Gauli, Blessed Ludovica Albertoni Distributing Alms

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  1. Nancy,

    The girls and I were talking about this just this morning! One saint can change the world. It's up to us to love God the best we can, and then through us, God can bring others to Himself. We were discussing the various wonderful modern saints like John Paul II and Mother Teresa. The world may be a cold place but God is raising up saints for us to follow.