Friday, October 18, 2013

This Miracle

'Dearest Jesus!  How I long to love You and make You loved!

'During Your life on this poor earth, You made of a few loaves life and nourishment for a crowd.

'Let me be, in Your divine hands, the instrument for another such work.

'Give me Yourself, for souls, to uphold and revive them.

'I am only a weak and helpless child, but You know I am Your very own, Your home of love and rest.

'Just by one glance of love work this miracle - fill me with Your love, Your humility, Your patience, Your gentleness, Your kindness, Your holiness, Your strength... so that virtue may go out from me and bring souls to You.'

(from Fervorinos From Galilee's Hills, compiled by a Religious, Pelligrini, Australia, 1936, p. 237)

Painting: Evaristo Baschenis, Boy with a Basket of Bread, detail; digitally altered

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  1. Beautiful, Nancy! I wonder who all the "A Religious" are...or maybe just one is? What a beautiful soul or souls. I'm glad we can at least strive to have cloistered hearts...if not live within a cloister....thanks to your beautiful inspiration.

    1. It appears that "A Religious" was one person, because several of these books include a page listing "books by the same author." And they're all written in the exact same style. All but one seem to have been published by Pelligrini in Australia, so our guess ("duh"!) is that this was an Australian nun (or possibly monk). The friend loaning me these found them used at Catholic books store, who had a one time "batch" of them, apparently. She bought all they had, and now only needs 2 more titles to have a complete collection! There seem to have been around 9 or 10 titles. I told my friend how grateful we ALL are that she's sharing these treasures!

  2. This non-Catholic enjoys your blog for it's content and beautiful artwork. I happen to be LCMS, but like reading blogs, books of other faiths. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

    1. YES! We are all brothers and sisters in Christ!! Yes!!!! I'm very glad you're here, and thank you SO much for this kind hello.