Saturday, October 26, 2013

Do You Mind?

'The mind is always at work.  If it is kept busy in good things, it won't have time for bad things;'

Blessed James Alberione

Painting: Girl with Pigtails, Samuel Henry William Llewellyn


  1. Nancy,

    What a beautiful painting! Those eyes...

    The words are so true. I am definitely going to start my prayer journal and add this quote. I wonder if I could add the image too. I'll have to print it off and see what it looks like.

    God bless!

    1. What a good idea to add images to a prayer journal! I have a black and white laser printer... great for text, not so good for pictures. Otherwise, I might do the same! I like the colors in this painting, and how the book picks up the background so beautifully. And the color of her hair is gorgeous. Now that I of it, this sorta reminds me of the "made some of us think of Pippi Longstocking" photo you posted! Thanks, Sue!

  2. Nancy,

    I did it! I took one of my empty visual diary books (I have a lot of them!) printed off the quote from your post and glued it in!! I have started my prayer journal/scrapbook. I'm looking forward to adding lots of bits and pieces which I can think about in quiet moments.

    The image wasn't such a success. I think I need to find a high resolution file in order to make a good print but that would take up too much time. I'd be forever looking for images and not praying. I will make do with my imperfect picture It will be a reminder of the one in your post.

    I was writing a comment on one of your FB posts this morning but it disappeared. Now it's time for morning prayers so must run. I'll be back later to read more!

    1. Yay! What a good idea!

      I'm sorry the image didn't turn out well. Yes, looking for images can take forever... I just spent 2 hours looking for public domain pictures for the Cloistered Heart, for what's happening next.... Well, I THINK it's what's happening next :). After all the time I spent, I hope it happens sometime!

      I often pray while I'm looking for blog pictures. Sometimes I put on some prayerful music as I do so. If nothing else, I always pray to find what pictures God wants me to link up with what - so at least ONE prayer has been said for every image that actually winds up in a post :)!