Friday, January 3, 2014

But Only When We Do

"God, Who does nothing in vain, 
does not give us either strength or courage 
when we don't need them, but only when we do.  
He never fails us."  

St. Francis de Sales

Painting:  George Henry Boughton, c. 1896, The Lady of the Snows


  1. Nancy,

    That is such a good quote. We can use lack of courage or strength as a reason for not doing what needs to be done.

    Isn't that a magnificent outfit? Is it a cape or coat or a combination, do you think? I can just imagine how warm and toasty the woman's hands are inside the muff!

  2. Thank you so much, Sue. I loved this painting the instant I found it. LOVE the colors, and have been so intrigued by the pattern on the muff that I haven't stopped to wonder how the coat and/or cape might have been made. I know her hands are toasty, because for a BRIEF time when I was a child, muffs were sold as a kind of fashion novelty item for little girls. I got one, probably for a Christmas, and was so pleased with it. Mine was made of some kind of white fur, probably rabbit, and I have a vague memory of how warm it kept my hands. However, the hands freeze when removed from the muff, so it was utterly impractical. But pretty and fun!

  3. How true! So often we seek an endowment of strength, courage, etc. in advance--as our "terms" for agreeing to do God's Will! LOL on us! Painting looks like Anna Karenina.

  4. Thank you, Jamie..... I didn't realize this comment had come in! I appreciate you stopping by!