Friday, January 24, 2014

Purifying Prayer

'Since prayer
places our intellect
in the brilliance
of God's light
and exposes our will
to the warmth
of His heavenly love,
nothing else
so effectively
purifies our intellect
of ignorance
and our will
of depraved affections.
It is a stream
of holy water
that flows forth
and makes the plants
of our good designs
grow green and flourish,
and quenches
the passions
within our hearts.'

St. Francis de Sales

Painting: Thomas Moran, 
Mountain of the Holy Cross
(the cross is in original - 
it is NOT a Photoshopped alteration!)

The Breadbox Letters has been nominated for a Sheenazing award.   This has come as a complete surprise.  I now know what people mean when they say it is a privilege simply to be nominated for thus-and-so.  There is no 'simply' to it; it is a genuine honor to be listed on the same page with such truly exceptional bloggers.  The Breadbox Letters is in the category of Most Inspiring Blog.  Anyone can vote by clicking here. Voting continues until Monday.

This is especially timely for me, as today is the feast of the patron of Catholic writers.  Over twenty years ago, I took this saint as my personal patron as well.  St. Francis de Sales, pray for us.


  1. Happy St Francis De Sales feast day to you, Nancy.
    May all the plants of YOUR good designs grow green....and sprout many more awards for your wonderful Breadbox letters!

  2. A well deserved nomination in the most fitting category. You do inspire us here, Nancy. I am so filled with peace when I visit here, I almost wish you could follow me around all day.

  3. Atta a girl! You deserve it :)

  4. Inspiring words from St. Francis, Nancy! May I second Kathleen's comment? Congratulations on the nomination - you certainly inspire me!

  5. Thank you, Trish and Kathleen and Patty and Mary! And did you all ever notice that I DO follow you around all day? Lurking around your blogs, making your recipes, praying with you, teasing and giggling with you, ooohing over your photos and awwwwing about your kids' adventures. I had no idea when I entered the blog world, a little over 2 years ago, that finding such wonderful friends could even be a part of it. Which is the best "award" of all. "AWWWWWWW!" And we all know it's true, because (thanks be to God) we all experience it. I may or may not be sniffling right now.

    1. You know what? I really wish there was a "like" button under comments on Blogger because I would click it for sure.

    2. And I would click like on this one! Might be sniffling again......

  6. Yes, you are an inspiration extraordinaire!!! Congrats on your nomination and I agree, well, well deserved. So thankful for your friendship here and at our blogs!!! The best blessings for you always! May St Francis de Sales continue to bless your writing and blogs and all the wonderful bloggers about...

    1. Thank you for such very kind words! I am so thankful that God called me into the world of such wonderful Catholic bloggers. And I know He did, because before 21/2 years ago I didn't even want to do e-mail. :)