Thursday, January 17, 2013

For an Unlimited Time Only!

Taking a cue from the always enjoyable Sue Elvis at her blog "Sue Elvis Writes,"  I've been doing my own version of what she did recently.  Bringing a few archived posts back to life - at least, that is the hope. 

My "has trouble following mechanical directions" brain decided to take off on its own and "intuit" a way to get some old blog pics with links on my sidebar (rather than following Sue's clear directions), and somehow I managed to manage.  I'm, ahem, the person who once sheepishly asked my engineer husband if he would please please please learn to embroider a French knot from the EASY instructions in my guidebook, and then show me in person how to do it.  Ah, now that's a lesson he was thrilled to learn.  But I digress....

Sue's own instructions are quite do-able for anyone who knows the blogging ropes better than I (which is almost everyone), so if you'd like to see how this was done, click here for her guidance.  Most posts, as Sue points out, have no use-by date.  They just slide off into the semi-retired world of "older posts."  Yet I, for one, have been delighted that Sue has pointed out some posts from the days before I found her blog.     

As for me, I've also had fun grabbing a few of my earlier posts, for I did enjoy doing them.  I went for some that were "seasonal" (I expect to change some of these as spring blooms appear), and liked re-visiting snowy thoughts from last winter.   I admit to liking ice encrusted pictures on the blog at this time of year; mostly because I haven't yet slipped on a patch of sidebar ice.

So if you've been staying awake nights wondering why my wedding cake was just plain white (surely that question has plagued you), or about the man I married (with maybe a glimpse into why I chose him), or what main thought gets me through life, you can find the LONG AWAITED ANSWERS under the heading "Selections From the Archives" on the lower sidebar.

Thanks for your inspiration, Sue .. all the way around.  Your ingenuity is a wonder!

Painting: Marie Denise Villers, Young Woman Drawing


  1. Nancy,

    You are very kind! You don't know how much I needed this today. I've been having such trouble working up any enthusiasm for blogging. Now I am smiling again and even thinking, 'What shall I write next?"

    You've displayed your old posts in a much simpler way than me!! A better way too, I should add.

    Thank you for reading my posts and selecting some archived posts of your own to share. I am off to dip into them!!

    God bless and THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you, Sue. And thanks be to God, Who uses His little ones to inspire one another, so often at just the right time. May He be praised forever!

  2. Nancy,

    Maybe I am just a little slow this morning... Some of your posts don't have comments and I can't see a way of writing one of my own. Can you turn comments off for individual posts or am I just not seeing something that is right before my eyes?

    I have been enjoying your archived posts. You have such a great sense of humour, but at the same time, you give us so much to ponder.

    I was just reading about St Teresa of Avila and her letters and couldn't find anywhere to put my comment, so I'll write something here. Perhaps blog comments are like letters. We all enjoy them very much!

    We should all have a regular archived posts day. Lots of treasures to share!

    1. Once upon a time (a year and a half ago), one of my (grown) children very kindly set me up to blog, and the comments were disabled. I really knew no different way of blogging for months! This past summer, having learned at least a bit about blogging on my own ("intuitively!") I set this blog up to have them. So you can generally tell the "before and after." Thank you for commenting on dear St. Teresa and her letters.

      And I think your idea of a regular archived posts day is actually quite a great one. It would be terrific to have a "guidebook" back through the blogs we discover as we go along!

      Thanks SO much, Sue. Oh, and yes, comments can be turned on and off individual posts. In fact, because this blog was set up without them, I have to remember to actually click to enable them every. single. time. Which is why some even of the later ones don't have them enabled.... I sometimes forget.

  3. I admit I have not done it with your postings --- yet --- but when I find a good writer, of books or blogs, I go back and read everything they have written. Sometimes it is all the same, the wonderful stuff which triggered my research. Sometimes you can see the growth in writing skill over time. And sometimes you can see the accumulated wisdom, which you can't see from a single post every now and then.

    Like with any good novelist, I shall some day go back and read all your old posts, Nancy. And then you'll have to go back too ---- to see just "what the heck" he is talking about in that comment on a post from 5 years ago.

    1. What an encouraging thing to say! I didn't have comments enabled until sometime this past summer (I explain why in my comment just above on this screen), and I've only been blogging for a year and a half... so there isn't all that much cluttering up the archives. YET. Thank you for such kind words!