Thursday, January 24, 2013

O Blessed Are They

'In asking myself why
we have come into this world,
I understand that we are only here
to receive and to carry our sweet Jesus:
on our tongue, in telling people about Him;
in our arms, in doing good works;
on our shoulders, in carrying His yoke,
the dryness and sterility He sends;
and this in our interior and exterior senses.
O blessed are they
who carry Him gently and with constancy.' 

St. Francis de Sales


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  1. Nancy,

    "...and to carry our sweet Jesus:
    on our tongue, in telling people about Him.." That especially caught my attention. Maybe Jesus is not only carried on our tongue when we talk about Him, but maybe He is also there when we speak with gentleness and kindness. I am back to treating our neighbour with gentleness!

    You are posting so many wonderful quotes from St Francis de Sales. Is there one particular work of his that you'd recommend?

    God bless!

  2. How very beautiful!
    I pray for the grace to always carry Our Lord gently and with constancy.
    bless you, Nancy.
    Trish x

  3. What a beautiful quote, Nancy...You have me wanting to learn so much more about St Francis de Sales.
    Blessings +

  4. Thank you, Sue, Trish and Caroline! The most widely read work of St. Francis de Sales, and a genuine classic, is 'Introduction to the Devout Life.' I, personally, am also VERY fond of his letters, which reveal a warmth and wisdom and depth that I find helpful. One really good volume of those is 'Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal, Letters of Spiritual Direction'; by Wendy Wright and Joseph Power OSFS, Paulist Press, 1988 (again in print, I'm pretty sure). Selections of His letters are also available under various titles from publishers like The Word Among us and, I think, Sophia Press. His 'Treatise on the Love of God' is another classic and goes into great depth of prayer .. it's a longer work than the 'Introduction'... my copy is two volumes. Hope that helps!