Thursday, January 31, 2013

He Waits

'Go to Jesus.
He loves you
and is waiting
to give you
many graces.'
  St. Mary Joseph Rosello

'He loves,
He hopes,
He waits...
Our Lord prefers
to wait for
the sinner
for years
rather than
keep him
one instant.'
  St. Peter Julian Eymard

 Semiradsky painting (detail) in US public domain


  1. Isn't it amazing..His love is so strong that one who has cruelly snubbed Him for years is instantly swept up into His waiting Heart the minute they repent!

  2. Yes, Trish, instantly swept up into His waiting arms.. how absolutley merciful is He!

  3. I love the quote from St Peter Julian Eymard. God is so patient to wait for us like this. I've been on the receiving end of this infinite patience and am very grateful for it!

  4. Mary, I've been on the receiving end also. Sometimes (like right this minute) I stop to think about what would have happened if I hadn't gone to Him...I shudder to think of it. But I did, and I do, and once I drug my then-disbelieving self to His, I found He had been waiting there all along.....

  5. Nancy...Just the thought of Him waiting for me sends chills down my spine! I love the quotes. +

  6. Wow, this is really powerful. I needed this reminder.

  7. Thank you, Caroline and Kasclar. I've needed the reminder also.

  8. Nancy, I wish I had a print of that picture to frame and hang on my wall. It's so lovely! And what beautiful quotes! Truly His Love and Patience are infinite. Blessed are we to have such a tender, merciful Savior as Jesus. Thank you!

  9. Me too, Patricia... I love this painting! I love the face of Jesus in it. I once read something a saint wrote (can't remember who) about feeling free to picture Jesus any way she liked, because no picture would ever be more glorious than He actually is.

    Thank you, Patricia!