Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Thoughts, Jewelry Edition

This might be a strange post, because it started with a strange thought... or at least a "random" one.  You know, one of those mental ramblings that drifts through your head while you're doing something mindless.  A from-nowhere thought, nothing useful about it, not all that worthy of a conversation and certainly not of a blog post.

Are you still reading?  Wow.  And just when I was feeling like one of those TV commercials that tells you much more about why you shouldn't use a medication than why you should. 

My random thought:  there are ideas and styles that come and go with no one remembering they ever existed.  It occurred to me that we who meet up here once in awhile are of varying ages and we live in different lands; so we've seen, among us, quite a number of things pop in and out of public awareness. Some were and are quite serious.  It struck me that we might be able to share memories of these once in awhile.

But for now, I have my mind on frivolities.  Really dumb ones, actually, but I think a bit of lightheartedness is good for the soul, and frankly, my soul could use that right about now.  Anyone else feel like a round of light blogversation while the world throws more craziness at us every day?

This is the "jewelry edition" of this nonsense, so DOES ANYONE REMEMBER...
Mood rings?  Spoon rings?  Friendship rings?
Little pins shaped like mice, made of mink?  Popular worn up on the shoulder, often.
Pre-engagement rings with teensy chips of diamond?
Bracelets that held little book-shaped rosary cases, in which there were tiny rosaries?
Boys' I.D. bracelets that opened to hold things?
Strands of pearls worn with sweaters and skirts to classes in high school or University?  I can just imagine someone asking "skirts?? To CLASSES??"  Yes.  And sometimes with pearls.  And yes, I am actually that old.

I suppose jewelry tells us something about who we are as a society (as do lots of other things, but those are for another "random post").   

"A pearl will shine in the midst of squalor, and a gem of the first water will sparkle in the mire."  (St. Jerome)

"The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant's search for fine pearls.  When he found one really valuable pearl, he went back and put up for sale all he had and bought it."  (Matthew 13:45-46)

Painting:  William McGregor Paxton, The String of Pearls, in US public domain

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  1. Thinking a little light hardheartedness can go a long way. I remember everything you listed. What about pop beads? those crosses that had a view hole in the middle with the Lord's Prayer in it?
    Is friendship pin the same as the round pin (that we called virgin pins) Sad to say, they might not sell too many of those anymore.

  2. Sorry to my friend who didn't know how to comment, so I did it under anonymous or thought I did, It didn't work. To answer her question, friendship rings was the name of rings in the early 60s. They were for friends to give each other. And she said she likes the picture. From Anne.

  3. Cathy, I thought about pop beads and forgot to include them. Oh, and you really brought back a nice memory mentioning the cross with the Lord's Prayer in it! A relative had one and I loved to look into it. And THAT thought just made me remember mustard seed jewelry - mine was a bracelet, with a mustard seed encased in a round ball dangling from it. I saw mustard seed jewelry in a catalog just a few years ago.

    The friendship rings I remember were popular for a really short time, as I recall. They were little rings that friends gave each other in the early sixties - very popular one particular Christmas (which may have been the extent of their use).

    And I am probably too OLD to remember virgin pins, as the peer pressure when I was young was pretty much the exact opposite of what it is today. Virginity was taken for granted until after the wedding (for girls anyway - there was a cultural "double standard" of sorts). Even if she didn't have her own religious convictions, a girl had her reputation to think about. Yes, really. That changed swiftly with what people then called "the new morality." I do remember chastity rings, which came around after I was married.

    Hmm. I suppose jewelry DOES tell us something about ourselves and our culture, huh?!? Thanks so much, Cathy and Anne.

  4. A friend just e-mailed the following: "ankle bracelets, watches on chains to wear around your neck, our musings Our Lord always comes out Number 1....he is the Heirloom that we have as our treasure and that is so important to pass down thru the ages...especially now."

    Amen, my friend, Amen!

  5. Those mood rings you mention? They came back in a few years ago and my daughter loves them :) She's gone through a couple of them already. They have mood earrings

  6. Mary, that is an interesting bit of information! I must rely on you younger folks to include the more recent additions to "jewelry fads," so thanks for bringing me into the 21st century!

  7. Nancy,

    I don't remember any of the jewelry you mentioned but I grew up in a different country to you, and I am a convert so I wouldn't have been aware of the religious jewelry. I do remember identity bangles and those thin bangles we collected by the dozen and wore all at once.

    A light hearted post is a great idea!

  8. Sue, I had an Irish houseguest here just after I'd gotten my spoon ring in the 70s (these were rings made from actual silver spoons). My Irish friend had never heard of such a thing and was fascinated by it. Meanwhile, I was in awe of her claddagh ring - I'd never seen one at that point. I guess a lot depends upon where one lives and when one lives there :).. which is part of the fun of sharing such "info," I think!