Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Begin the Year

'We must begin the year with Christ and His holy mother.  So today, with all the affection I can muster, I have recourse to the Son and the mother:  O Jesus, fill our hearts with Your divine Name, so that Your gentle kindness may influence all our senses and perfume all our actions.  O glorious Name, which the mouth of the Divine Father pronounced from all eternity, be ever written in our souls.'                                            (St. Francis de Sales)

'In the beginning was the Word; the Word was in God's presence, and the Word was God.'
                                                                                    (John 1:1)

Painting: Nativity, Edward Burne-Jones

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  1. Nancy,

    "We must begin the year with Christ and His holy mother."

    I'm thinking about reading Michael Gaitley's 33 Days to Morning Glory leading up to a consecration to Mary. Have you read this book? The beginning of a new year sounds the perfect time to do something I've been thinking about for ages.

    The images and quotes you post are very beautiful.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love this image of Our Lady and Baby Jesus reclining together! I so miss sleeping next to my babies!

  3. Sue, I received 33 Days to Morning Glory for Christmas, plus a workbook for it, plus a DVD. Sounds like a good way to begin the new year to me! And I love finding and SHARING quotes and images... I feel very blessed to have access to sources of such holiness and beauty!

    Jamie, it has been many years since I've slept next to my own babies, but now I deeply miss (miss!! miss!! miss!!) holding my baby grandchildren as they slept. The youngest (so far) is now a "becoming independent" 2 and a half; there's a photo of her hand in mine toward the bottom of this blog's sidebar; I took it during one such lovely nap. DEEP SIGH.

  4. Adorable, Nancy! Just looked at that photo! My mom always says "your babies are still babies as long as they have dimples on their knuckles!" My five year old doesn't anymore. I'm grateful to God that he gives us a Baby to pour our hearts into!

    1. What a wonderful realization, Jamie... that He gives us a Baby to pour our hearts into! A great thought.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    Since you're on the subject - I just renewed my consecration to Our Lady using the 33 Days to Morning Glory book and I liked this format very much. I didn't have the DVD though. I especially loved reading about St. Maximilian Kolbe and his immense devotion to Mother Mary.

    Your post "In or Out" over at The Cloistered Heart was fantastic, Nancy. I felt that one through and through and I'm looking forward to your future posts. Thanks!

  6. Nancy, your blog is just balm for the soul!

    You find pictures that are so evocative and then you find just as perfect words to increase the restorative effect...God Bless you!!

    1. Allison, thank you for such kind words. It is a grace to me to be able to "soak in" and share prayers and holy thoughts and images, so I thank you for looking in!