Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh, The Humanity!

Being unable to attend the March for Life in Washington today, I am very much there in spirit.  Perhaps because it's been forty years since abortion became legal in my nation, perhaps because I have small grandchildren whom I've seen via ultrasound months before I held them in my arms - for whatever reason(s), this year I feel more affected than ever.  This year I am personally hurting.  A lot.  This year, I've spent chunks of the day crying.  My own life has not been touched by abortion, or so I'd thought.  But today it hit me:  oh, yes it has.  Considering the vast numbers of human beings not allowed to be born, how could we not ALL be affected?

I awoke today to one phrase running through my mind.  We've probably all seen the news clip of the day the Hindenburg burst into flames, and we've heard the reporter's tortured response.... 

"Oh, the humanity...!"


I could not march in Washington today, but in prayer I'm able to stand with those who can.  And so I offer this little mini march of a few fellow bloggers' recent posts for life.  I encourage you to click on these lines to check out some inspiring posts.

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  1. Thank you for including me in your mini march for life. I too wish I could have been there. Hopefully next year. God bless. ~Amy

  2. Thank for including me as well. I've never been abut hope to be able to make it there in person one day.

  3. Thank you, friends, and we will keep praying!

  4. It is so true that all our lives are touched by abortion. I have read that when someone commits an evil, they don't just hurt themselves and the person they sinned against, but something bad happens somewhere else in the world because of this one sin: wars, famine, tornadoes, cancer, death...
    But in doing good, we can help make a change for the better.

  5. I do not believe in abortion as an answer for a boo boo, if you willingly have unprotected sex and get pregnant then deal with it don't just kill and innocent healthy baby..........that said I do not think it is black and white there are many shades of grey here but we all have our own thoughts and believes about this.........

  6. Thank you to everyone, and we continue to pray!

  7. I pray that we see an end to abortion soon, Nancy. Thank you for your mini march and the links you've listed here.

  8. Thank you, Mary! I know we're praying together.

  9. Nancy, thank you for linking to me; I was on retreat or would have thanked you sooner. :)

    Not long ago, my husband and I were watching a program about the Black Plague which conservative estimates claim wiped out about one-third of Europe. The historian (maybe it was the History Channel) made a remark similar to the one you quoted above:

    We could have lost a Michelangelo..and he named other gifted people. I was struck by his concern about WHO the plague took away from the world. But that was a disease. What of deliberately killing the 55 million children? And..I always think of their descendants who will never live either. Who would they have been? Abortion not only kills our children, but our future for untold generations. I cried with you....

  10. Thank you, Patricia. I hope your retreat was wonderful!

    I, too, think of who has been lost... and who among their descendants will never, ever make it into the world. In fact I think of this a lot, because several branches of my own geneology have been traced back pretty far (thanks to other family members). I would be willing to bet that in virtually all of our family trees, there have been unplanned, unwanted, even "crisis" pregnancies. Yet, here we are. Not just "here people are," but because everyone in our lines was allowed to be born, here WE are.

    A person forty years old could have already done a number of great things in his / her life. Could there have been a cure for heart disease or cancer by now? On this side of eternity, we will never know....